The weather here has been warm and sunny and many butterflies are emerging early. I was delighted to see de Prunner’s Ringlets (Erebia triaria) on the wing on the 9th April and today the 21st April I photographed the first Chequered Skippers (Carterocephalus palaemon) of the season. 

The other day I went to my butterfly lane, where a Camberwell Beauty (Nymphalis antiopa) approached me, and sat on my cap, then it sat on a nearby rock but when I approached, it came back and sat on my cap.

I wandered around for a while, with my pet Camberwell attached to my cap, trying to get a photo of a de Prunner’s Ringlet for David’s website (Web’Obs the regional on-line atlas), but they would not settle. 

The Camberwell went for a quick spin around and landed on the rock and took off again, and came back to my cap, then it took off again. I put my cap on the rock, in case it wished to settle for a photo, but it came back and sat on my head! Then it went off again, and when I dropped down to the lane, there it was sitting on the footpath with another Camberwell.

Jude 21st April 2017