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Jean-Louis Fourés signing copies of his book

Jean-Louis Fourés signing copies of his book

Papillons des Pyrénées coverPapillons des Pyrénées; Compte-rendu d’inventaire élémentaire des papillons diurnes des Pyrénées,
Volume 1,  Papilionidae et Nymphalidae by Jean-Louis Fourés.
Published by Editions La Cassignole; 2017; paperback 16 x 24 cm; 34,50 €.
Text in French, available from bookshops and online in France.



Butterflies of Europe; Tristan Lafranchis – field guide and identification key;  295216200X; Diatheo contact lafranchis@yahoo.fr

Butterflies of Britain and Europe; Tom Tolman and Richard Lewington; 0007189915; Collins

Butterflies of Britain and Europe; Haahtela, Saarinen, Ojalainen and Aarnio – a photographic guide; 9781408104743; A & C Black

Papillons de France coverPapillons de France; Tristan Lafranchis (Published February 2014, in French). €45 from the editor Diatheo contact lafranchis@yahoo.fr €47 in bookshops; ISBN 978-29521620-5-0

Butterfly guide app for iPhone and iPad; Chris Manley, Matt Rowlings, Guy Padfield and Peter Eeles; www.lepidapp.co.uk

Atlas de papillion de jourAtlas des papillons de jour de Bourgogne et Franche-Comté is a recently published butterfly atlas that is very informative and beautifully produced

Pyrgus identification keyIdentification key for the Pyrgus (Grizzled Skipper) species of France by Cédric Jacquier.
Version 1.1 January 2017. [PDF download].
Photographs by Roger Gibbons (Butterfliesoffrance.com) and Stéphane Bence CEN PACA.



Book cver: A photographic guide to INSECTS of southern Europe and the Mediterranean

A photographic guide to insects of southern Europe and the Mediterranean; Paul D. Brock.
The guide covers all the major insect groups of this region, including many endemic species, concentrating on what the naturalist, photographer, or holidaymaker is likely to find.
ISBN 978-1874357797; Pisces Publications.



MountainFlowers The Alpine Flowers of Britain and Europe; Christopher Grey-Wilson and Marjorie Blamey; 9780002192880; Collins

La Grande Flore illustrée des Pyrénées; Marcel Saule with aquarelles by Hélène Sorbé (in French); 2867267390; Editions Milan

Fleurs du Parc National des Pyrénées; Georges Dupias; Two volumes (in French); 2901835082

Mountain Flowers of Europe; Anthony Huxley; 0713718463; Blandford Press



Wild Orchids of Britain and Europe; Paul and Jenne Davies and Anthony Huxley; 0701208201; Hogarth Press

Field Guide to Orchids of Britain and Europe; Karl Peter Butler; 1852235918; the Crowood Press

Les Orchidées de France, Belgique et Luxembourg (in French); 9782914817110; Biotope

Orchidées de Midi-Pyrénées; Nicolas Duivon (in French); 291653489X; Un Autre Reg’Art


collins-bird-guide_210Collins Bird Guide; 978-0007268146; by Killian Mullarney, Laes Svensson, Dan Zetterstrom, Peter J. Grant

Birds of Europe with North Africa and the Middle East; 978-0713652383; by Lars Jonsson

Collins Guide to the Birds of Prey of Britain and Europe North Africa and the Middle East; 978-0002191760; by Benny Génsbol

Flight Identification of European Raptors; 978-0856610271; by R.F. Porter, Ian Willis, Steen Christensen and Bent Pors Nielsen

Burnet Moths – Zygaenidae

The Conservatoire d’espaces naturels Midi-Pyrénées booklet Les zygènes en Midi-Pyrénées et Languedoc-Roussillon by David Demerges, Jean-Pierre Favretto and Audrey Poujol is a brief guide to the zygaenidae family in the Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon; an outline of the features you will need to identify members of the family; and a step-by-step guide that will help you to do so.

We have adapted the printed version of the guide so that you can download it as a PDF.

Some of these books are no longer in print but can usually be obtained secondhand